The 3 Must Have Components For Any Small Business Website

1: A Clean Design -> Short Load Times

Did you know that load time of 1 second delay can cost your client 40% of their leads? It is true. Anything that counts as extra – flash – or – flare – costs your offline clients money by decreasing load times. You need to be ruthless in this area to make the local business website as profitable as possible, and 99% of sites are not – ruthless – enough.

Imagine the huge potential for bonuses and referrals you get from happy clients by instantly boosting their site’s conversion rate by up to 40%.

But local biz sites need even more, Such as,

2: Multiple Contact Points

Your customers must have multiple ways to contact your business. These should include a click-to-call button, an opt-in form, social media presence, a map with directions, and more.

Including only one of these elements is not enough, and each one must be strategically placed.
With RhinoComms websites all of these are included and are placed where they will be most effective.

3: Flexible and Responsive, Mobile Site

According to Pew Research in their report on Sept. 16, 2013 – 63% of adult mobile phone owners now use their phones to go online, a figure that has doubled since we first started tracking internet usage on mobile phones in 2009 -, and this mobile device usage is now nearly doubling every year .

If you are ignoring this ever-growing trend, you are costing yourself and your business tens of thousands of pounds a year. If you are looking to take your business forward without spending £1000’s for a website that is not to the same quality of the package offered by ourselves, an affordable small to medium business website without compromise on design.

Do not delay any longer. Seize this limited opportunity before it is too late. With this tiny investment in your business, you will instantly have a proven customer catching website, we can design and create a quality affordable website that works without compromise due to our advanced technical resources for ANY type of business and… anywhere in the world!

Become part of the connected kingdom connecting your business with new customers.!


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