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Global Web Index says
80% of Internet users own a smartphone,
suggesting that 2015 will be the year
when they reach parity with PCs/laptops.

Why You Need One?

  • Over 1.2 Billion People Use Mobile Devices To Access The Web;
  • 60%+ Of Consumers Are Using Mobile Devices in Making Purchase Decisions;
  • 90%+ Of People Move Between Devices To Accomplish A Goal, It Maybe On Mobiles, PCs or Pads
  • 61%+ Of People Have A Better Opinion Of Brands Which Offer A Good Mobile Experience
  • Tablet Users Spend 50% More Than PC Users, Half A Billion Tablets Shipped In 2013 And 2014 Alone.
  • 32% of UK Consumers Make Purchases On A Smartphone
  • 95%+ Of Smartphone Users Are Searching For Local Information
  • 60% Of Mobile Shoppers Use Smartphones While Shopping and 50% When On The Move To A Store
  • Starting April 21st Mobile Website Ranks Higher in Search.

Here is One From Google.

Here are another set of things you need to know:

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